About us

We at BIG SALUTE are dedicated to glimpse a light of awareness among the people of India towards the brave soldiers who are committed to make us safe, sound and secured. We salute who keeps us safe is the company’s punch line in respect of their exceptional contribution in serving our country.

We believe in standing out and shouting differently always matters the most for increased people’s attention. Keeping the similar inborn desires and flow of patriotism in our blood vessels, our one of the smallest initiative in the form of rising e-commerce stores needs your valuable supports. Our services deal in selling up several apparels including T-Shirts, Hoodies and Posters as well printed with fire branded patriotic quotes. Keeping in view the hectic life schedules of the people all around the country, our best efforts is being laid upon attracting the eye’s of people towards the feel of patriotism.

The apparels are patriotically quoted with the lines of patriotism boosting the higher level of energy. Our intention towards promoting such apparels is to spread a form of awareness among the country’s people. Every single citizen has a feel of patriotism but all of us can never imagine fight like a soldier with guns and bullets against the enemies. However, we must give our best efforts in the good sake of our country as per our capabilities.

Keeping the similar intention and desires in our minds, we have successfully launched this initiatives and seeking your support as well. We dedicatedly believe that every single Indian citizen is over flooded with the feel of patriotism. Our lovely Indian citizens always want their services to be given towards the good sake of our brave Indian soldiers who are risking their lives for our peace. Spreading up the patriotic feel can be done by advertising such fire branded slogans with our quality apparels. Moreover, extremely affordable range of products is available to be purchased under the budget of any common Indian citizen.

All our armed forces including the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Para-military Forces are dedicatedly involved to make our lives safe, sound and secured. They also have their families and a feel of enjoyment like all of us. But, the situations are completely adverse and their job nature never allows them for familiar enjoyments. They bravely enjoys with their friends and colleagues in the Indian borders fighting against the enemies with their guns and bullets.

It is a well known fact that a huge part of country’s revenue is utilized for the fulfillment of soldier’s necessities. The expense involves the purchasing up of the weapons, missiles, planes, helicopters, bullets, apparels etc to name a few. Yet, the feel of patriotism is noticed to be awakened for last several decades. Accordingly, the organizations as well as common Indian citizens donate their level best for the soldier’s good sake. Employees are noticed to sacrifice their salary, entrepreneurs have been donating their earnings and similar is the case with others as well.

We are even committed to donate a part of our earnings to Government martyr online portal in support to our soldiers. Our initiative needs golden wings to fly with the country’s kind assistance. Chose among the versatile range of patriotic products from our online e-commerce portal and promote the soldier’s strength who is sacrificing their lives to make us secured. Go ahead and tell the world, you too can move along with the soldiers for making the country safe. Promote us to help us grow and donate even more of our earnings for the Indian soldiers.



Jinki Har Saans Me, bharat mahan hai

Border Pe hi Jinki diwali, jinki ramjaan hai

BIG SALUTE he inhe, Jo Bharat Ka abhimaan hai

Jinke dilo me he tiranga, jo bharat ki shaan hai

Indian Army, yahi vo naam hai…….!

Ghar ho, dukaan ho, ya ho koi bagicha

Aag lag jaye kahi bhi, bahate hai ye khoon pasinaa

Agnishman dal jinka nam hai

Lagi ho aag kahi bhi bujhana inka kaam hai

Sapoot hai yein, dusro ki jaan me inki jaan hai

BIG SALUTE karte hain hum, Jinse surkhshit sabki jaan he….!

Sirf BIG SALUTE nahi hai ye hamara

Sath jude hamare jazbaat hain

Jo hamari army hai,  Agnishman dal hai

Dhnywad hai hamara, Inhe KOTI KOTI PRANAAM hai …..!!!