What Type of Clothes Should We Wear in Summer?

What kind of clothes should I wear in summer?

 Fortunately, there are plenty of lightweight fabrics in the summer that allow moisture to escape your body and keep you looking and feeling great no matter how hot the temperature is.


Whenever you want to stay cool in the heat, it is always best to choose natural and lightweight fibers. They absorb moisture quickly and are of fine composition, which makes them more breathable for the body. Choosing 100% cotton is a great way to stay in style while staying away from the heat

There are many types of cotton, but it is advisable to choose a lighter version, such as pure football or poplin, rather than a thicker one. Cotton is also suitable for sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic and does not aggravate or cause a reaction. Many manufacturers are aware of the benefits of this material, which means that cotton clothing is available in a myriad of colors and patterns. Therefore, if you buy this, you can find the best option for your wardrobe in warm weather. Certain summer fabrics.


Linen is a very popular summer fabric choice because its composition allows for greater air flow. This means that it won’t stick to your skin when it already feels hot in the sun. As it is a tough fabric, it swells away from your body in the breeze and dries as soon as it absorbs moisture and water. Flax also has a unique molecular structure that can absorb up to one-fifth of its weight in water before it starts to feel damp. Many men’s summer jackets and suits are made from this material, making them ideal for weddings and formal events. Helps keep the user comfortable and cool.

Linen also has excellent conductive properties that allow it to dissipate heat quickly, so it feels longer and cooler in a summery look. So, if you don’t plan to travel to hot countries or plan to spend the summer in the garden, bedding can help you stay cool throughout the day.


Denim is a staple of many men’s wardrobes, but the material tends to be relatively heavy, so it may be time to replace it with chambray fabric during the summer. Chambray is a type of cotton, often made from finer fabrics and breathable fabrics, that looks a lot like denim so you can get the look without applying heat.

Chambray is a particularly popular alternative to genuine denim, so you can choose from a variety of washes. In other words, you can achieve the exact same aesthetic you were looking for in fabric this summer. Available in two shades of denim, our popular chambray shirts are perfect for your summer wardrobe.

These three are usually the coolest fabrics to wear in the summer, but there are many others that you will want to try. However, keep in mind that there are some materials that you should generally avoid. Most of them tend to be synthetic fibers.

Polyester – Polyester blend is waterproof. In other words, when it starts to get wet, it will feel that way throughout the day. Instead, choose pure cotton.

Rayon – The fabric is apparently lightweight and breathable on hangers, so it’s easy to get caught in rayon, but because it’s a synthetic fiber, it can repel water like polyester.

Denim – As mentioned above, denim is not suitable for summer if you are looking to keep it cool. Thick fabric lacks breathability and elasticity, so it will overheat and become sticky.

What color should I wear in summer?

The coming of the sun is a great opportunity to try colors you wouldn’t normally wear, whether you’re wearing a men’s summer t-shirt in pastel shades or injecting a bright yellow hue into your wardrobe. Every year the High Street is full of new men’s summer outfits, from which you can draw inspiration. This year’s trend seems to include a lot of bright and beautiful colors.

Instant color

This year, you’ll find plenty of bold reds and cobalt blues in store, as well as subdued hues like dusty oranges, earthy khakis, and sky blue. And according to GQ’s SS19 roundup, sage was one of the most popular shades at fashion shows.

We also anticipate more experimental trends, such as pattern conflicts and military implications. This allows you to experiment with more creative color themes. Feel free to try summer fashion.

Go to the time palette

If you’re not good at keeping up with trends, you can create your summer outfit with a range of timeless shades, including in shades of beige and sand, classic white and cream. Invest in classic wardrobes like men’s summer shorts and t-shirts.

What are different types of cloth material?

When opening an apparel online shop or creating an original T-shirt, the problem is to choose the clothing material that best suits the original design from among the many clothing materials and fibers.

If you just opened an online shop, you tend to choose the cheapest item without worrying about the material of the clothes because the funds are limited, but please wait a moment. Selecting products that match the target audience of the online shop and brand is very important for the success of the original brand. When choosing a product, you need to make sure that it is not just your favorite material, but also a material that is suitable for your original design.

If you are interested in opening a fashion or apparel shop, you may have heard the names of three types of materials: cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics. In this blog post, we will introduce in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each material, and help you create original T-shirts and find the perfect material for your original brand.


Cotton is one of the most produced natural fibers in the world. This material is characterized by its excellent comfort and durability while being a natural material, and is the most widely used material in apparel products such as clothes.

Texture and comfort

Since cotton is a very versatile material, it can be used in combination with various fabrics and materials such as denim, flannel, and jersey. Of course, the comfort will change depending on how you blend each fabric and material.

What all cotton fabrics have in common is their softness, breathability and hygroscopicity. This material is recommended for people living in areas with hot weather and climate, and for people with sensitive skin.

It is also recommended for those who don’t like products that are comfortable and comfortable to wear, or that fit the image of the original brand. However, 100% cotton fabric dries slowly, so it is not suitable for sportswear.

Features when printing

When you print on a cotton fabric using an inkjet print (DTG) , the print will be vivid and clear. If you want your original design to look strong and crisp, choose 100% cotton T-shirts and clothes. However, please note that when printing on thick fabrics (trainers, etc.) with inkjet printing (DTG), the colors will not be expressed clearly compared to T-shirts.

Durability and product care

High quality cotton is very durable, so it’s hard to tear and the product lasts a long time. However, it is still inferior in durability compared to polyester and cotton poly (blend) fabrics.

As with other natural fibers, the fabric will shrink when exposed to high temperatures, so be sure to use cold water when washing cotton T-shirts. Also, avoid using excessive fabric softener as it will damage the fabric. To avoid fading of the fabric, it is recommended to select a gentle washing mode such as the delicate mode of the washing machine.


Polyester, a chemical fiber, is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum. Polyester was developed in 1941 and is a material with a much shorter history than cotton.

However, despite its short history, polyester has become a very common material in the apparel industry today. Polyester has the great advantage of being durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of wearing it many times and washing it

Texture and comfort

Polyester is light and comfortable to wear, and features a smoother texture than cotton fabrics. Polyester has excellent quick-drying properties, making it an ideal choice for sportswear and the like. Polyester T-shirts and clothes can be uncomfortable in warm climates as they absorb sweat to the skin, but they are quite useful in cold climates.

People with ultra-sensitive skin may feel some discomfort when wearing polyester clothing, but in many cases, they are blended with other materials so they rarely feel inconvenienced. 

Features when printing

In the past, polyester was known as an unsuitable material for printing, but thanks to the special paint developed by technological progress and advanced printing technology, it is now possible to apply high quality prints to polyester fabrics. became. The great advantage of printing on polyester material is that it is vividly expressed and does not fade easily.

However, please note that printing on polyester fabrics requires more difficult techniques than cotton and blended fabrics, so the cost of printing tends to be higher.

Durability and product care

Polyester is a very durable material and is more durable than cotton and blended fabrics. Also, since it is less absorbent than other materials, it has the great advantage that it does not easily stain even if wine or soy sauce is spilled.

In addition to the high durability of the material, polyester is also resistant to wrinkles, shrinkage, and fading if properly cared for. When washing, select warm water and use a general-purpose softener. At the end, low temperature tumble drying is perfect for care.

Most products sold by Printful have detailed care information on the product page, so check separately if necessary.

Differences between cotton and polyester, features Thorough comparison chart

If you’ve read this far, you should be familiar with the difference between cotton and polyester materials. This item thoroughly compares the strengths and weaknesses of cotton and polyester by feature in an easy-to-understand manner.

The 10 Best T-Shirts for Men in India

Top Men’s T-Shirt Brands Shop Online in India

What is the first thing you see in a shirt, besides comfort? Style and quality of fabric are paramount, and to meet your every need, a brand that designs and manufactures some of the best jerseys in town and speculates that every.

Tommy Hilfiger

The brand has wavered for generations and remains the most loved and acclaimed brand in India. If you are looking for a gift-giving purpose or planning to buy a high-end t-shirt, Tommy Hilfiger is for you. From striped t-shirts to long sleeves, you’ll get high-quality, stylish t-shirts.


Do you want to show the world your hipster perspective? Next, you should definitely go for a Roadster tee with an edgy collection. The Roaster V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt gives it a masculine look and is perfect for casual outings and dinners. They design crew neck, polo neck, crew neck and other styles of t-shirts that appeal to everyone.

Benetton United Color

It has been inherited by every man’s favorite brand that designs some of the trendy t-shirts that are worth having. If you want a sports shirt or a colorful print shirt, you can get it all at UCB. There is a vibrant collection of t-shirts that can easily appeal to classy men. So, if you like color, put a polo shirt in your closet and get yourself a UCB t-shirt.


 So, Proline tries to ruin you with his collection. They have a refreshing and unique collection that gives them a sporty and carefree air. If you want a more eye-catching look, you should try their graphic tees, they are so amazing. We even emphasize those qualities that are worth evaluating.


Men who like sports shirts love the Fila collection. They have a wide variety of polo, crew neck and crew neck styles that will give you a semi-formal look and enhance your personality. From solid tones to patterned styles, Fila has created a great collection of t-shirts that can give you a stunning look.


If you don’t include Levi’s t-shirts that give you a stylish and relaxing look, your list will be incomplete. Their most popular collection is the printed T-shirts that feature the Levi’s logo in a unique way. For those who are not good at printing, choosing a solid-colored polo collar will give them a super casual and semi-formal impression. For informal business meetings, you can choose a Levi’s t-shirt in solid tones.


Spykar is a favorite brand of the youth generation and you will definitely love the amazing collection of t-shirts. Long sleeves, prints, and bright colors are some of the standard Spykar t-shirts to look for. And if you like funky patterned tees, be sure to try them out in their collection of patterned tees.

BigSalute T-Shirts

Fashion-conscious men will love Indian army t-shirts meant to give a classy look. Most popular purchases are army style based striped t-shirts, patterned t-shirts and they are worth buying. So, whether you’re a college teen or a working man, BigSalute T-shirts is definitely set to make you look like a country man.


Update your wardrobe with a trendy Ajio shirt that’s perfect for a casual night out or a dinner date with a guy. Take a look at casual graphic print tees and crew neck tees that can easily be paired with jeans or pants. In addition to the best t-shirts, you will also love the price range of Ajio t-shirts.

Cloak & Decker by Monte Carlo

If you like patterned t-shirts, check out the famous Cloak & Decker by Monte Carlo. All the shirts have an elegant touch and add a classy touch. Wear them for casual get-togethers, kids’ parties, and wherever you go, you will look very stylish.

Top Outfits You Need for Any Road Trip

Planning a road trip? You will probably find many of these other guides helpful. Here you will find everything you might need to plan a cross country trip, a family vacation or a hike alone.

It is now officially in summer mode. This suggests that we are in a hurry to work on public roads. Along with beach anniversaries, barbecue grills, and rooftop happy hour, it doesn’t look nearly as good for warm weather as traditional road trips.

There are many things that I like about some cross-country adventures, but there are also many things to worry about. So, what is a package in the world for a visit that takes place almost entirely in a moving car? I don’t know if I’ll bring my dress shoes or throw them away in case, I end up at the cocktail bar in bloom … is that a cool travel hat?

We rethought it and came up with 10 important items that everyone should bring on their next road trip. These accessories are versatile, comfortable, and most importantly, easy and stylish.

Versatile sneakers

As you assemble your road trip wardrobe, confusing questions will definitely cross your mind: which shoes should I pack? A couple to drive? Do you have sandals to relax in the back seats? Dress shoes … just in case? You are free to travel with as many kicks as you want, but the bulkier you carry your suitcase. That’s why he says he’ll cut down on the fat and pack a versatile pair of sneakers like Sea Vees. Not only is it comfortable to drive for long periods of time, but it also appears to be leaning across the dash, much like it is spread out under a roadside blooming restaurant table.

Comfortable socks

To match your sneakers, be sure to bring a comfortable pair of socks. Driving is usually fun, but it can also cause cramps, back pain, and even pain, especially in intense sessions. Pain is unavoidable, but wearing socks with Touch Extra technology can help make things better. For example, these ankle socks at Bombus are constructed with a performance insole, making them extremely comfortable when shifting for long periods of time behind the wheels.


Another important essential for road trips can be good sunglasses. Especially if the route does not have natural protection from the sun, such as trees and mountains. Discount store specs are fine, but why not invest in high-quality ringtones to spice up your game? I like these William Painter aviators with polarized lenses and UV protection, plus a classic silhouette.

Baseball cap

Even if you are traveling with a close companion, the jockey cap is an instant ally on the road. While driving, it acts as a tremendous cushioning material from the sun, but it also acts as a cover-up that was all the rage at the time when you couldn’t take a shower. Keep things edgy with these fun mollusk hats. This makes this essential item fun and trendy.

Light jacket

When you think pessimistically about what to pack for a road trip, you don’t think of wearing a jacket at first, but that’s not a bad idea. Especially compact for Outer known’s Adios packable jacket. Made from recycled polyester, this garment is perfect for travel, making it great for the environment, especially when stopping in an unexpected storm far from the motel.

Travel shorts

Shorts are a must for summer road trips, but not all shorts are created equal. So we don’t anticipate there’s a better open road option than these global shorts from Topo Designs. It’s lightweight, moisture wicking, and takes up very little space for luggage. Plus, its versatile design makes it suitable for gripping the wheel, similar to instant mountain trekking and museum tours.

Cozy Hoodie

Another comfortable and reliable hoodie is the classic hoodie. It can act as a car blanket, pillow, air conditioner protector, and wardrobe booster for equivalent parts. Once focus is on comfort, so as long as he’s feeling good, he won’t go wrong with a selection, but if he’s looking for suggestions, we recommend that you reach for this BigSalute Hoodies.

Straight jeans

When thinking about what to pack for a road trip, you won’t go wrong with standard straight jeans like this pair from Everland. The loose fit not only prevents all sorts of bulges when hanging from the fly instead, the relaxed fit creates a great adventurous aesthetic that looks like a button-down shirt or T-shirt. And to decorate it, all you have to try is to create high cuffs at the ankles with a modern and current look.

Black t-shirt

No matter what, you can get the service by putting two black t-shirts in your suitcase and Big Salute T-Shirts are meant to be your best travel partner. Not only can it hide sweat stains from a broken car’s air conditioner, it can also make your camera look like it’s ready when you end up at an unexpected party or hit a spectacular concert. We don’t pay much attention to which jersey you choose, but we are interested in such a simple scoop neckline from GAP.

The 10 Best New Pieces of Menswear to Buy This Spring Season

The definitive spring outfits! 10 points for adults to dress in spring clothes [2021]

“Beautiful: casual = 6: 4” is the golden ratio for wearing spring clothes

 However, it is an adult’s idea not to be conscious of how to dress appropriately for the age. Even on holidays, an elegant and comfortable look is ideal, isn’t it?

The key to making coordination with spring clothes is to set the ratio of “pretty” to “casual” to “6: 4”. For example, let’s mix beautiful items by incorporating not only casual clothes such as jeans in sweatshirts but also shirts with collars. The point of 6: 4 is not the ratio of the number of items, but the ratio of the exposed area of   the items.

Is it “pretty” or “casual”? I tried to classify items that are often used for spring outfits

Then, which item is “pretty” and which is “casual” in spring clothes? It depends on the design, but it is basically classified as follows.

Beautiful items

  • coats
  • knits
  • cardigans
  • shirts
  • chinos
  • slacks
  • leather shoes

Casual items

  • bruzon
  • T-shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • hoodies
  • cut
  • sewsjeans
  • work pants
  • sneakers

When thinking about spring outfits, these exposures Make sure that the amount you do (as you can see) is “clean 6: casual 4”.

Of course, let’s keep “clean dress” in spring

Before I show you how to make the ratio of “clean” and “casual” 6: 4, you should keep in mind “cleanliness”.

Cleanliness is not a strange outfit that incorporates tattered clothes and patterns and colors that can be seen even from a distance, but a good impression. With the right basic items (assuming you have your skin, hair and beard in order), it’s easy to practice a clean style.

Focus on how to choose this item, and keep in mind the trend, and make a dress with a ratio of “pretty” and “casual” of 6: 4. Here are 6 points to keep in mind when building such spring men’s fashion!

Point 1: Make a spring outfit: Insist on good quality with a ball collar coat with a high clean element

Now that the sports MIX style has become a staple, casual light outerwear such as blouson is a concern. However, if you are aiming for a fashion with good quality, coats are recommended. Above all, be sure to hold down the Bal collar coat, which is attracting attention as an extension of the long-length boom in the fall and winter.

Some people may be reluctant to use a ball collar coat, which has a strong business color, but now each brand has a wide variety of colors. There are various sizes, so you should be able to find one that you can use regardless of whether it is on or off.

Point 2: Make a spring outfit: Oxford BD shirt for both casualness and cleanliness

Shirts are the item that can easily create a clean mood and cleanliness. In particular, broadcloth shirts (= shirts) can easily create a sense of cleanliness, but it is more difficult to match with casual clothes. Therefore, I would like to choose one that is reasonably casually tailored. A typical example is the button-down (= BD) shirt made from Oxford fabric.

Button-down shirts are said to have been made with reference to the clothing used in sports polo competitions, so you can get a popular sports taste.

Point 3: Make a spring outfit: The classic jeans are thin and thin, and get a sense of the season!

Jeans are a typical casual item, but if you have a slim silhouette with beautiful legs, you don’t have to worry about it becoming too rough.

Rigid jeans that are not discolored are the cleanest impression, but those that have been discolored or damaged are not too casual if they are one of the slender silhouettes. If you choose a shorter length type, you can easily create a feeling of mellowness just by wearing it. If you prefer a longer length, you can roll it up and adjust it.

Point 4: Incorporating spring colors to improve the season. Take advantage of pale tones

Pale tones are getting more attention in the spring. Since it is a pale color and accents such as pink and green, the key is how to combine it with basic colors such as black, white and navy.

I would like to recommend that you do not add too much color to the styling. By incorporating it into the coordination of a relatively bright color palette, or by matching the brightness with adjacent items, the impression of pale tone will not be noticeable and it will be the starting point to liven up the mood.

Point 5: for making spring outfits: A new standard for adults that can be worn even off. Make the setup a thing

Check out the setup, which is gaining popularity as a coordination for “THE Adult”, which is different from the business scene. The impression will vary greatly depending on the inner and shoes you match, so coordinate according to your character and scene. However, the first step is to increase the number of styling drawers.

Point 6: Outstanding freshness. Enjoy a relaxing feeling with an open collar shirt

The relaxed outfit continues to be popular, so open-colored shirts remain in the spotlight. It is a loss not to incorporate it because it will assist you in the current style just by incorporating it in your usual dress. The impression of dressing will change depending on whether or not you wear it with the button fastened, so let’s check a good example including that point.

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